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Help us raise money for our reunion 🙏🏽

The reunion committee is excited and committed to planning a reunion that we will all remember and cherish. As we plan for what the event will look like, we are hoping as many family members can attend as possible. On this page, we ask you to consider helping with fundraising activities and we offer some ideas below.


Our goal is to underwrite the cost of the event for the entire family so that cost is not a barrier for those who want to attend. Having contributions also allows us to plan the event effectively and determine what we can offer (i.e. food and catering, hotel venue, music, etc.).

Your generosity can do so much, and we appreciate your help.


Please consider making a one time donation below ↓ or sign up for a $5, $10, of $20 monthly donation plan here 😊.

Thank you contributors!!

Mari Strom

Noeleen Sese

Rowena Dureg

Ray Caldito

Shiela Caldito

Marj Garcia

Danny Garcia

Karen Ybarra

Annie Bartalome


Total raised to date

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