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Get Ready for the Espiritu Grand Reunion!

January 4-7, 2024  |  Pozorrubio and Thunderbird Resort at Poro Point, La Union


How do we enter the hotel property?
For security purposes, upon arrival at the hotel gate, guests should inform the security in charge that they are  “attending the reunion” to proceed to the hotel.

Will there be breakfast or lunch provided in Pozorrubio after the mass and family photo? 

No meals provided on this day. You may stay in town after mass and find a place to eat.Many family members will be driving to Poropoint on this day to check in to the Thunderbird Hotel.  The annual town fiesta will begin Jan 4, and you may explore the events and activities in town.

Will there be transportation provided from Pozorrubio to Thunderbird Hotel in Poropoint? 

No, you will have to make your own arrangements to get to the Thunderbird Hotel.


When will we receive our reunion tee shirts? When should we wear our reunion tee shirts? 

You will receive your reunion tee shirt upon registration at the hotel. You will need to wear your tee shirt on Saturday morning for breakfast and for the games that will follow.

Will there be videoke/karaoke on Friday night? 

Unfortunately, the hotel does not allow videoke/karaoke at this location.


Will we receive copies of the professional photos/videos taken by the photographers/videographers? How and when? 

In about 1-2 months, all the HD copies of the edited videos and photos will become available. We will give information on the Espiritu Website at that time. 


What is parking and security like at the Thunderbird Hotel? 

Thunderbird has 2 security checkpoints, so guest names must be given to checkpoints for entry. You will receive your lanyard at check-in which must be worn for all reunion activities for security purposes. Parking is free for hotel and non-hotel guests.

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